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By Randall Furman DDS
September 12, 2013
Category: Veneers
Tags: Veneers  

For some people beautiful smiles are not born, they are made. virginia beach veneersThis is the case when my patients select Virginia Beach veneers to cover damaged, discolored or uneven smiles. This includes if you have a gap in between your teeth or if you have a broken tooth.

Think of veneers as tooth-colored shells that are applied as a covering over imperfect teeth. Veneers are made from either porcelain or porcelain laminates, which are tough materials that closely resemble your own healthy teeth -- or the healthy teeth you have always dreamed of.

If you are contemplating changing your smile with veneers, call our Virginia Beach dentist practice to schedule a veneers consultation. At this consultation, I can discuss your options regarding veneers and your smile. This is the time for you to share what you don’t like about your smile and how you hope veneers may be able to improve it. While I can correct many cosmetic dental issues with veneers, I cannot correct all concerns. The veneers consultation allows me to help you establish realistic expectations for just how beautiful your smile can be.

If you select Virginia Beach veneers as a dental option for you, the process can require several trips to our office. Because you do not want veneers to appear too bulky over your tooth, I must prepare your tooth for the veneer by trimming off a small amount of dental enamel must be removed. This amount is usually very small or less than a millimeter. After applying a special light-cured glue, I apply the veneers over your teeth.

A significant amount of artistry exists in applying Virginia Beach veneers because once the veneers are applied I can further shape them to perfect a smile that is uniquely yours. The results are often nothing short of amazing -- a white, even smile.

To schedule a free consultation to learn more about veneers, call our Virginia Beach dentist office at (757) 468-4684. I'd love to meet with you to find out if veneers are for you.